Who is (resourceful) like the Lord?

Photo Credit - Sydney Wyres

Photo Credit – Sydney Wyres

I’ve always been resourceful. When I was a kid, if my mom hadn’t been to the store in a while, I could come up with something yummy to eat for dinner. I would say, “out of nothing, I made something!” I had a certain amount of pride in that skill set. Later in my life, it manifested in me being able to find money when I needed it – often out of thin air! Recently, I was asked to give my biggest strength and my greatest challenge. My mind immediately went to my ability to (almost) create resources. Instead, the word “flexibility” came out – which is also true. As I pondered the quality of resourcefulness, the Lord spoke to me. The impression He made on my heart is that my resourcefulness is provision that I have made for myself. It has confidence in it’s own ability and it believes that my resources never end.

Resourcefulness has a creative aspect to it. The Lord made us in His image; He is The Creator, but He also made us creative. When we take that skill and apply it to our lives without His abundant provision, He will eventually let us run out of provisions to teach us that we are not limitless.

As I’ve repented for thinking so highly of my own creativity and resourcefulness, I’ve also hitched my wagon onto His provision. If I can no longer count on mine, all I’ve got is His. Matthew 6 says that we are not to worry about what we wear or eat or any other kind of provision, for He makes provision for the birds and the flowers. How much more will He provide for us? He doesn’t say to “do” anything, He says to “look” and to “consider”. We are meant to take notice of the provision happening all around us and just KNOW that He will also supply all of our needs according to His riches in Heaven.

And His resources never run dry….