Taken for Granted


Taken for Granted

I’m the faithful sweatshirt that is always there to warm and to comfort.  I’m always waiting, always anticipating my use, watching as the day comes to an end and my usefulness is realized.  In the morning, I don’t go out of the house.  I lay crumbled on the floor, 
dreams forgotten.

Koda Swims



Here is our dog, Koda.  Koda is a girl dog, though most people mistake her for a boy.  She’s a lil sensitive to that fact….she has always aspired to be a girlie girl dog, but alas….

She is part yellow lab (loves water) and part Shar-pei (hates, hates water), so she truly has an internal fight going on when it comes to water.  Recently, we moved to a house with a pool.  She hasn’t even looked at it.  She acts like it’s not even there.  Enter one beautiful sunny gorgeous day.  We were all out back after a bike ride, enjoying the sun and the view of the pool.  We don’t dare get in; it’s about 60 degrees in the water.  But Koda decided to!  She stepped off onto the large step and swam a couple strokes and turned back around to face me.  I was happy to see her get in till I saw the look of distress on her face!  She was trying to get up onto the side of the pool, and knowing she’d try that, I talked her (with a potato chip) into coming back toward the large step.  Didn’t have my camera until it was all over, but you do get to enjoy the “after” pictures…..


“A little bit of sun and I’ll be ready for the backstroke…..”

Now, back to school, of which we have done about half the day.