Respond or React?

lightstock_251929_medium_stefanie_Many times, how we respond to people mirrors how we respond to God.  I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships between people and how they correlate to our relationship God in terms of trust, love, and even obedience.

We have two choices when met with problems with people – we choose to either respond or react.  They may seem like the same thing, but here’s what he’s taught me recently. When we react to someone or something, it’s generally based on the circumstance.  It comes from a place of soul-led logic.  It finds it’s roots in debate and argument. A response on the other hand, is more personal.  It is spirit-led wisdom, rooted in love.  There’s more acceptance in a response.  There’s less aggression. It doesn’t mean that we agree, but that we are willing to see the personhood in someone, as we wish them to see it in us.

God desires for us to respond to Him, rather than react to the world around us.  When we see all the crazy going on around us (circumstances), He wants us to just look up.  Keeping our eyes on Jesus no matter what else is going on at our feet is an imperative. Praying that we all keep our eyes on Him and respond to Him as He leads this Fall.


One thought on “Respond or React?

  1. Great word Stefanie. I am using this wisdom as I reflect on something that happened this week where I reacted and should have responded. Love it. I’m glad that you are starting to write again!

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