Dictator or Sergeant? Well, that depends…

9 -2010
WHY is my parent/child relationship changing in real time as we are learning to homeschool?  I knew we would have some adjusting time.  I knew that there would be hard days and bad days and awesome days and happy days.  I was ready for that.  What I wasn’t ready for was the shift in relationship that we are experiencing.  Several, several times, when asked why we are doing something or in what order will we proceed for the day, I have replied, “Who is the Sergeant and who are the Privates?”  They each reply in their devastated little voices, “you are the Sergeant……”.  I get into a place where I don’t want them to question me; I know they wouldn’t have done that when they were in public school!  So, I take one step too far sometimes and turn into the Dictator.  It’s all about what I am saying to do – they are not allowed to comment, ask or decline, just do as I say!  What??!!  That doesn’t even sound like me!  Remember me?  The fun homeschool momma who just wants to go to museums and learn about bugs and run around the town in a Mary Poppins kind of way????  What happened to her?  I think somewhere along the line, real life happened.  Not only do we not have the time to run around the town, studying random things as we run into them, but there is something called “curriculum” that keeps free spirited homeschool mommas under a certain amount of accountability.  It’s a GOOD thing.  Once I get this curriculum stuff all figured out and become much more comfortable with it, I think that fun homeschool momma will be able to come out and play every now and then…….my battle-weary kids look forward to that day.


Watching the Schoolbuses Go By….



So, here we are in our second week of homeschool EVER!  Yes, my kiddos are in 4th and 6th grades and I decided to start homeschooling this year. I thought it would be fun to blog about our experiences, but also (and mostly) to let THEM blog about what our days look like.  Mostly right now, I am trying to get used to the new (and awesome) curriculum we are using, while also trying to maintain our home.  I keep wondering how many times I can serve “breakfast for dinner” until the kids catch on that I just really need to hit the store???!!??  Well, so now is the time that I usually go and begin the waking up process.  I do it like one of those progressive alarm clocks – I go in, shake them a little, talk to them, leave, come back 30 mins later, same thing, except noisier, you get the idea.  Sophie has to wake up slowly or else she doesn’t enjoy her morning much……

I’ll get the chickens to write a little later……